maria ylikoski


Tuula is a video about the role of memory, narrative and interpretation in the building of biography.

A Finnish woman in her sixties tells us how she met her ex-husband and moved to the United States 35 years ago. Tuula's story is presented in a series of transitions: she moves from one place to another, grows from a person blindly following chance and the needs of others into someone who makes conscious choices, follows her own will and takes responsibility for her own life. Shot in Albany, New York, in July 2005, the video portrait follows, supports and subtly interprets the process of narrating a biography, of constructing coherence, turning points and arcs of development.

The static video footage is reminiscent of photography. The movement consists of slow changes as the image becomes unfocused into an abstract blur and back again into a sharp and realistic image. The technical strategy alludes in part to the logic of remembering and narration, where events are portrayed through lenses that filter and edit reality. The picture also changes from black-and-white to colour, morning changes into afternoon, the camera moves from the backyard to the frontyard, the figure turns to face the camera. These changes mirror the painfulness of memories, the appropriation of one's own life and the distance in time. The epilogue also has one surprising memory, which can be interpreted as either reflecting a proactive stance to one's own destiny or a drifting along with advice given by others.

Length 11’20’’
English subtitles





Det smakar lite konstigt

Displacements / Eungyung
Displacements / Tuula

Through the Looking Glass